Artist statement

“My paintings are visual poetry marked with color and images. They are expressions of memories, experiences, dreams, nature, and the inner self — an inner self that is charged with fear and doubt. I paint what is natural to me both consciously and unconsciously. Sketching and planning only restricts my freedom. However, what comes naturally does not arrive easily. My painting process is an endless struggle. Only after much endeavor I am able to voice my emotions and reveal my inner self: each layer of painting comes as a consequence of increased awareness. I work on a surface as if I were excavating something, like an archeologist. In the end, each layer documents part of my introspective experience and becomes a tangible record of my painting process. Having spent many years living in the Yukon wilderness and seeing on a daily basis such pristine beauty, it has been natural for me to explore these visual images. The colors, the long and short hours of sunlight, the serene winter scene, the unexpected encounters with wild animals, and the ever-changing weather conditions are etched into my mind.”